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by on Tuesday, 25 June 2019 - 2:16pm

The Accredited Podiatrist Program (APP) is an APodC initiative launched in 2000 and taken up by members in all states. It follows the same annual cycle as the PBA requirement.

To participate in APP 2018 please complete an APP Learning Plan and then either print it off and, complete it, and send it as an attachment to with APP in the subject line.

An APP Learning Plan form (a sample and a usable form) is here and an APP Learning Report (a sample and a usable form) are here.

You are not obliged to use the forms provided, and may elect to construct your own. However, use of them will aid efficient administration.

Your APP Learning Report will often mirror your APP Learning Plan precisely, almost like a check list.

At other times you may have changed your focus mid-way and undertaken alternative activities – in which case the APP Learning Report will contain activities that were not flagged on your APP Learning Plan. This is fine, providing the types of activities substituted align with categories acceptable to PBA.

You may also wish to make use of the quality improvement templates provided. These can be a useful tool when thinking about a project. One is designed to assist with a major quality improvement and the other for a minor project.

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