Activity Worth: 1 CPD hours

Australian Podiatry Association Webinar : The Diabetic Foot - It's not what you put on, but what you take off… - APodC

by Dr Malindu (Mal) Fernando and the participants on Tuesday, 25 June 2019 - 2:03pm

On 8 February, 2018 APA QLD organised and managed a webinar titled: The Diabetic Foot - It's not what you put on, but what you take off…

The presenter Dr. Malindu (Mal) Fernando is a clinical podiatrist and researcher with an interest in the biomechanical management and prevention of diabetes related lower limb complications.

You are invited to view and comment on this as a CPD activity.

CPD Activity: Value – 1 hour – Consider Category 4 Self-directed Learning under Podiatry Board of Australia Guidelines.

The task

View the webinar including comments from participants and then prepare a brief paper (200 – 250 words) in which you outline any points of agreement/disagreement, changes in your understanding and/or behaviour that may result, and explain the implications of this for your future professional practice.

You may wish to relate to your own skills, professional experience, or discipline knowledge.

Don’t forget to upload your completed work to your e-portfolio as evidence of completion.


This webinar was organised and managed by APA QLD. The views expressed in the webinar are those of the presenter and participants and are not necessarily those of the Australian Podiatry Association.


Thanks to the presenter and moderator Dr Malindu (Mal) Fernando and to the participants.






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