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Welcome to the APodC CPD System

Welcome to the Australian Podiatry Association's Continuing Professional Development web site.

Please read this important announcement about this site:

You would likely be aware the Australian Podiatry Association (APodA) have now completed a successful membership renewal period. We have been delighted with the response from members new and old, and their commitment to a single, national Australian Podiatry Association
Recent improvements have been made to a number of our online resources. These improvements include the consolidation of all podiatry association websites into a single APodA website and the revision of outdated content. Over the coming months you will see even more positive changes to our online systems and member resources.
One such change will see the existing online APodC CPD System cease operation on 30 November, 2018.
All users currently accessing or uploading CPD activities to this system have been advised this platform will no longer be available from this date.
During this time your existing and any new CPD activities you upload to this system will remain in place. No data will be removed from the site.
To replace the APodC CPD System a new APodA CPD Portal will be developed as part of the APodA website, and it will be made available for use as of 1 December.
Please note, the existing “My CPD” activity tracking - available to members in the main APodA website, is separate to the APodC CPD System and can also continue to be accessed up to and including 30 November.
Again, any existing or any new CPD activities you upload to “My CPD” between now and 30 November will remain in place.

Should you have questions about this transition please contact our office on 03 9416 3111 or email info@podiatry.org.au

Thank you

Australian Podiatry Association

Previously about this site : 

This site provides access to continuing professional development (CPD) and educational activities that meet Podiatry Board Australia’s (PBA) guidelines.

The PBA registration requirement is 20 hours of CPD selected from 5 categories. Activities must be selected from a ‘mix’ of categories (i.e. minimum of two) and include a minimum of 5 hours in an interactive setting with other podiatrists.  For details please click the link go to :


The cycle is annual (December 1 through to November 30).

The Accredited Podiatrist Program

The Accredited Podiatrist Program (APP) was an APodC initiative launched in 2000 and taken up by members in all states. It follows the same annual cycle as the PBA requirement

For the 2018 cycle (December 1 2017 through to November 30 2018) the APP requirement is for 20 additional hours of CPD, using the same categories as PBA, but without maximum hour’s limitations. This leaves you free to pursue special professional development needs within your podiatry career.

A minimum requirement of 40 hours (PBA 20 plus APP 20) may seem a lot but if you attend a conference once a year, participate in undergraduate student supervision, or undertake a simple audit in your clinic; you’re possibly already exceeding the minimum requirement.

APP 2018 cycle overview 


  • Complete an APP Learning Plan with goals for a one year cycle and forward to apodc@apodc.com.au
  • Participate in a range of activities totalling 20 hours in addition to PBA requirement and keep your portfolio up-to-date 
  • At the end of each annual cycle submit your APP Learning Report detailing the activities successfully completed 
  • Start the cycle again


Useful forms


Follow the link below to complete the APP, Learning Plan and Report.





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